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What is the Lake Erie Seaway Trail Visitors Center? LESTC serves as a tourism and visitors center for the western segment of the NYS Seaway Trail system. We provide a valuable resource for attracting tourists and visitors and enhancing their knowledge and understanding of important historical, cultural, environmental, scenic, and recreational resources in the immediate Hamburg area, as well as the wealth of tourist and recreational opportunities in Erie County, Niagara County, the Southern Tier, and the western Seaway Trail corridor and region. We have also incorporated a “working” aquatic lab and environmental conservation and education center with emphasis on the Lake Erie and Niagara River watershed. See a 400 gallon tank with 40 native small mouth bass, invasive species specimens, a hydroponics garden with growing plant specimens of basil and swiss chard, NOAA Nautical Navigation Charts, environmental informational brochures, microscopes and stereoscopes, fossil specimens, and more…. IMG_3629 What does LESTC have that makes us unique? Located in the former Wanakah Water Works building, the visitors center opened in 2005. We are currently the only visitors center of this kind in this region or area. We provide the following:

  • Accurate and current travel and routing information;
  • A wide range and variety of information on tourist attractions    throughout the region;
  • Information about the Seaway Trail and the value of this trail as a National Scenic Byway and recreational resource;
  • Exhibition space to educate the public on local history, culture, and points of interest, as well as our environment;

IMG_3636 IMG_3637

  • Transient boat- docking facilities;
  • Bathroom facilities to address personal needs of travelers;
  • A relaxing and scenic rest spot from travel activity.
  • Free Wifi available




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