“FALL” Into A Book Author Fair 2013

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FALL’ Into A Book was held Saturday, September 28 from 10:00 AM- 3:00 PM.

The following authors were in attendance:

Anthony Antek: Anthony Antek, author of the non-fictional work of literature, Bipolar Buffalo –A Mosaic of Minds Journey, has three degrees (below zero) from the U. of Buffalo (B.A.), U. of Denver (M.A.) and doctoral studies at Tulane U., N. Michigan U. and S.U.N.Y. Albany.  He has had as versatile career in education in New York, Colorado, Michigan and Vermont as a college teacher of the social sciences, college administrator, school superintendent, elementary principal, and as a primary/secondary teacher of math and history. Antek was born and raised in Lackawanna, N.Y. His first work was migrant crop picking and janitorial work. He and his wife, Lynn, have been married for forty-three years and now live in Lakeview, N.Y. They have three daughters and three grandsons. Visit www.bipolarbuffalo.com/ for more information.

Charles Benoit: Charles Benoit is a former high school teacher and the Edgar Award- nominated author of three adult mystery novels and the teen novel Fall From Grace. Charles lives in Rochester, New York. You can visit him online at www.charlesbenoit.com and follow him on Twitter (@BenoitTheWriter).

Nancy Best: Best comes from a long line of Adirondack folk. Her great grandfather, David Charbonneau, was one of the first settlers of Old Forge. Nancy Best’s first book, Learning to Cook Adirondack, is a collection of recipes and memories. The book includes 48 recipes and many historic photos. Her grandfather and grandmother, Cliff and Edith Charbonneau, lived in Old Forge almost all of their lives. Her parents, Betty and Bill Pulling, were brought up in Old Forge and raised their family in Thendara. Best was born in the area as were her children and her first grandchild. Recently Best purchased a small publishing company with three titles. Minnie the Mule and A Baker’s Dozen are historically accurate children’s novels about growing up during the first days of the Erie Canal. In Minnie the Mule children can join Captain Fairweather’s daughter, Sarah, and her cousin, Jack, as they solve the bank robberies along the Erie Canal with Minnie the Mule. In A Baker’s Dozen children go back in time to 1850 when the Erie Canal was a busy place and every May Minnie and her sister mules joined the family on the first trip of the season. The author hopes readers will enjoy reading about the village of Rome as it was in colonial America in the year 1850. Scattered through the story are true facts about how life was  back then and how Rome moved towards becoming a city. Rich in history, the Erie Canal brought Rome the chance to develop. The last book is Tell Me a Story; Adirondack Fairy Tales II. It is a collection of stories for boys and girls to enjoy around the  campfire, at home and in school or snuggled under their blankets ready for sleep. The author hopes these animal friends will fill their dreams and perhaps they will meet them one day.

Ellen Dunwoodie and Deborah Gromek: Ellen Dunwoodie and Deborah Gromek have devoted their careers to education. Ellen many times, will tell her audiences that she has the best job in the world, she plays games for a living. Being a physical education teacher, that makes perfect sense. Debbie has always had great success in the classroom because she looks for the best in every student she teaches and gives them the confidence they need. Ellen and Debbie were getting very tired of seeing people who were only seeing the negative in their lives. They stopped noticing all the wonders they had and should be thankful for. So part of their goal is to make sure people are grateful and help them start to notice that life is wonderful and beautiful. They teach others how to take full responsibility for their lives and how to start living. By starting everyone’s day with a simple motivational thought, it helps set the tone for a positive and productive day. Something small but powerful. Ellen and Debbie offer motivation through their classes and presentations, and now through their books, Manifesting Change and Reaching Your Highest Potential in 8 Steps.

Rob Gallitto: Rob Gallitto is the author of “Modern Technology and Paranormal Research” and has also written for paranormalutopia.com. Rob states that he’s been interested in everything to do with the paranormal for as long as he can remember. He uses his background in tech to research to research these things. He is the tech manager of PRONE (Paranormal Researchers of Niagara and Erie).

Pam Logan: Pam Logan was born and raised in Hamburg, NY, where she still resides with her husband and children. She is the author of the emotionally charged, HOW DO YOU SAY GOODBYE? and the suspenseful LIFE GOES ON and is working on A LINE IN THE SAND, due out later this year. She enjoys reading, writing, gardening and sitting by her self-made pond. On those hot summer days, she loves to ride with her husband on their Honda Goldwing as she wind dances to their favorites tunes. You can read the first chapter of each of her books, read reviews and her blog at www.pamlogan.net

Jeanne Selander Miller: Jeanne Selander Miller is the author of A Breath Away, which was honored at the 2012 London Book Festival. She is also the author of  A Million Miles From Home which received an Honorable Mention at the Paris International Book Festival 2013. Jeanne splits her time between Vero Beach, Florida and the Adirondack Mountains (Old Forge, New York) where she is the co-owner of Sisters Bistro. She is an avid skier, hiker, cyclist, kayaker, student and teacher of yoga. She is the mother of two beloved grown children, Cullen and Gillian Miller. For more information visit: jeanneselandermiller.com

Tim O’Shei: Tim O’Shei is the author of 61 books on topics including sports, spies, survival, Hollywood and more! He’s also written for dozens of magazines, interviewed hundreds of celebrities, and founded the Live! Starring … You! student media program where kids and teens get the chance to interview people in the spotlight. He’s a graduate of St. Bonaventure University, where he earned a degree in elementary education and his New York State teaching license, and Buffalo State College, where he completed his master’s degree in creative studies. Tim travels the country working with kids and teens in schools, and also offers high-energy, interactive after-school and evening programs during his author visits. Check out his website at timoshei.com and the LSY! program at livestarringyou.com.

Mark Privateer: Mark Privateer is a High School Special Education teacher who has been teaching for over 12 years. His day to day life as a father, teacher, and coach have inspired him as an author. Mark’s first book, How To Tame A Macker, was written about his son. Mark currently resides in Lake View, NY with his wife and three children.

Cheryl Pula: A native of New York Mills, New York, Cheryl Pula is a retired Reference Librarian.  Cheryl has written on Irish immigrants to the Utica area in a book entitled Ethnic Utica, published in 1994 by Utica College. With her brother, she is coauthor and co-editor of a book on the Civil War regiments from Oneida County, which was published by the Eugene Nassar Ethnic Studies Department of Utica College in November 2010 entitled, With Courage and Honor: Oneida County’s Role in the Civil War. She is a co-author, co-editor and served as proofreader for The Polish-American Encyclopedia, published by McFarlane Publishers in January 2011.  She is author of a novel, the first in a proposed series of at least four books about Eighth Air Force bomber crews in World War II England, titled The Children’s Crusade, which was published in October 2011 by Whitehall Publishing. The second book in the series, The Ragged Irregulars, was published in April 2012 by Whitehall, and the third, titled The Rookie, was published in July 2012. The fourth book, A Wing and a Prayer, was published in January 2013. Cheryl plans at least two more after that, all in the same series about the Eighth Air Force. She has traveled extensively all over the United States, having visited 45 of the 50 states, as well as trips abroad to Canada, the Bahamas, England, Finland, Hungary, Czechoslovakia, Poland and Russia. Cheryl is a recent “lady of leisure,” having retired from her position at the Dunham Library in July of this year. She now works part-time at the New York Mills Public Library.

Jeff Schober: Jeff Schober is a teacher and author.  He has written the non-fiction books Growing Up Gronk and Bike Path Rapist, as well as the novels Undercurrent, Broken and Profane and the forthcoming Boneshaker.  Please visit www.jeffschober.com.

Tim Shaw: Tim Shaw has had a life long fascination with things that go bump in the night.  He has spent a good portion of his life researching many of the mysteries that seem to be part of the fabric of Western New York.  Tim is an author who has  penned “The Ghosts of Buffalo”, and Co-Written “Haunted Rochester”.  His recent work “Please Talk With Me” covers a unique college haunting that took place in 1985 and is the companion book to a movie of the same name.  Along with writing Tim lectures at Paranormal Conferences and has been featured on such network shows as The Discovery Channel’s “Ghost Lab “and SyFy’s “Ghost Hunters.”  When not writing Tim is the host of an internationally heard Internet radio show called “The Black Cat Lounge” which is heard on the Para-X and Hey Z Radio networks and has developed and hosted a show on CBS Sky Radio. Tim Shaw is a life long resident of Western New York and lives outside of Buffalo, NY with his wife Nancy and black Lab Ebony.  His next writing project will chronicle his explorations of 518 mile Great Lakes Seaway Trail. For  more information visit Tim at: http://www.theblackcatlounge.net/

 David Smeltz: David M. Smeltz is a master storyteller, grizzled and full of bounce, a lifetime lover of history and literature, and devoted to the task of wedding the two. He conceived the Sidney Sawyer series of rollicking historical novels as a means to showcase our splendid history, remind us of our scandals and crimes, but mostly to delight the reader. David Smeltz is married to the lovely Nina, an artist-well-met from his hippy days in the 60’s. One son is a classical violinist and the other a double-ivy Manhattan big shot. Smeltz has worked every job from peddling papers, to brine-man in a pickle plant, to molding wax smiley-lips in a candy factory. He taught at every level from first grade to graduate school and he loves his students, especially the rowdies and rascals. Traveling the world, Smeltz picked up story lines and anecdotes that pepper his books with color. He’s been from the arctic to the anti-pods, every continent but Antarctica, and every state save North Dakota. No tours for David and Nina. Their idea of travel is to visit a new land and get immediately and happily lost for a month. They make their home in Angola, New York, that funky little beach town in the snow-belt off Lake Erie. Just for fun he continues to teach and lecture, but writing is now his full time profession.

Alison Smith: Alison Smith is the founder of PRONE (Paranormal Researchers of Niagara and Erie). PRONE was established in 2008 and has been investigating actively ever since. Alison has authored two books on the paranormal: “A Guide for Hunting Ghosts” and “Spiritual Crossover: The Metaphysical Paranormal Connection”. She also writes for www.paranormalutopia .com and has done numerous lectures throughout NY. Alison has always been intrigued by “things that go bump in the night”. She believes that being a paranormal researcher is a learning process that requires one to be logical, inquisitive and professional. PRONE strives to help others learn and grow within the paranormal community. PRONE offers classes on Ghost Hunting free to the public yearly.

Kevin Sylvester: Veteran broadcaster Kevin Sylvester has worked for the Buffalo Sabres since 2005. Sylvester is the host of “Sabres Hockey Hotline,” a year round program that airs on WGR-AM in Buffalo.  The 1995 graduate of the State University of New York at Fredonia has an extensive background in radio serving as talk show host and reporter at WBEN-AM and WGR-AM in Buffalo, and WBT-AM in Charlotte, N.C.  Sylvester served as Director of Amateur Athletics for the First Niagara Center in Buffalo, working with local colleges in all aspects of NCAA events at the arena.  Sylvester and his wife, Donna, have three children, and live in Depew, N.Y. For more information check out www.kevinsylvester.com.

Gary and Justin VanRiper: Gary and Justin VanRiper are a father and son writing team residing in Camden, NY of the Tug Hill region along with their family and cats, Socks and Dax. They spend many summer and autumn days at camp on Fourth Lake in the Adirondacks. The Adirondack Kids began as a short writing exercise when Justin was in third grade. Encouraged after a public reading of an early draft at a Parents As Reading Partners (PARP) program in Canden Central School District, the project grew into a middle reader chapter book series. For more information, visit: www.adirondackkids.com

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