The Western New York area has some amazing architecture. You can look into where this architecture is located on this map from the Buffalo History Museum.

Frank Lloyd Wright– Probably WNY’s finest architect, Wright has designed six homes and one of the most modern office buildings at the turn of the twentieth century. The Larkin building, once located on Seneca Street in Buffalo, the Larkin Building is considered a landmark in modern architecture. The building was completed in 1906 but then, regrettably, demolished in 1950.

The Martin House Complex, located at 125 Jewett Parkway, has been called one of Wright’s greatest works. It is one of the largest of Wright’s “Prairie-style” houses.

Near the Martin House is the George Barton house, located at 118 Summit Ave. built for Martin’s sister. It was the first of Wright’s Buffalo buildings to be completed.

The Walter V. Davidson house, located at 57 Tillinghast Place was built in 1908.

The William R. Heath house, located at 76 Soldiers Place was built between 1904-1905. It is a Prairie School architectural style.

Wright’s final Buffalo-area house, Graycliff, was built in 1927 as a summer home for Isabelle and Darwin Martin on a bluff overlooking Lake Erie at Derby, south of Buffalo.

Frederick Law Olmsted– The Buffalo Park System began in 1868. It was the first time that Olmsted tried to incorporate a park system. When asked to pick one of three areas to build a park, Olmsted told Buffalo to purchase all three. The park system is still extensively intact today.

Louis Sullivan– Sometimes referred to as “Father of the Skyscraper” by some, one of his most famous works is the Gauaranty Building, located at 28 Church Street.



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